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Fractional Sales and Marketing Executive

Need to create a scalable, repeatable revenue engine to fuel growth? I specialize in setting up the processes, people and programs for effective execution and scale. With over 20 years of experience successfully building and executing sales and marketing programs, I've seen and solved many of the problems you're facing right now.

Consulting and Advisory

Consulting and advisory can be ad hoc or ongoing. Typical advisory engagements are either working closely to advise founder(s) or to mentor and coach marketing and sales leaders who need the advice and support of a CMO.

Practical Resources

While there are some templates and tools available in the blog posts on this site, I have an arsenal of sales and marketing templates that we can easily customize for your use.

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Think of a fractional CMO as a fresh set of eyes on your people, processes and programs. Some companies aren’t at the stage where they need a CMO yet but would love to have the expertise and perspective that a senior executive can offer.¬†

That really depends on what you need and who you have on your team. Smaller engagements that are more advisory based will provide strategic and tactical advice. Longer term engagements will usually include deliverables that I’ll work with you and your team on to execute.

As long as you need me! To ensure you are able to get a ton of value in working with me, I’ll always recommend a minimum contract of 3 months, but would also be happy with contracts of a year or longer. 

It really depends on how much time you need of me. It will be anywhere between 1-4 days per week. We’ll work out those details up front and have them aligned to the objectives you’re trying to achieve.